Feng, Wenkai

Born in Yihuang, Jiangxi Province, Wenkai Feng obtained his Ph.D. in Folkloristics at the Graduate School of CASS in 2009. Now, he is lectuer at the College of Liberal Arts and Journalism, Inner Mongolia University. With distinction in oral tradition and history of scholarship in epic studies, he published a dozen of articles in the field, including "Rediscovery of the Voice: Archaeology of Catching Jibu Ciwen,"(2010) "Multiple Identity: Body Language of Epic Singers in Performance,"(2010),“Controversy and Reflection of the Issue of the Chinese-language Epic about the Book of Odes in the 20th Century," (2011) “Interpretation and Reflection of Epic Studies in the 20th Century's China,”(2011) “Relation between Epic Studies and Introduction of World Epic Texts and Theories Involved,”(2010) and etc..

Presentation topic: Relations between Chinese Epic Studies and Scholars’ Knowledge Construction: From the Late 19th Century to the Early 21st Century