Studies on Kazakh epics
Affiliation: Suleyman Demirel University

Starting from the ancient times people were interested in literature. They valued literature as much as history. The history of Kazakh literature has been collecting and researching since 19th century. We can see  it from Shokhan Ualikanov’s greatest works such as: Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu, Edige, Er Kokshe and etc. Kazakh’s greatest works like Aikap, Kazakh were published in the second half of the beginning of 20th century. In the beginning of  20th century were said a huge number of opinion on Baitursynov’s, Dulatov’s, Bokeikhanov’s works.

A.Margulan, B.Kenzhebaev, E.Ismailov, M.Gabdullin, A.Konratbaev, K.Zhumaliyev, Y.Duisenbayev, R.Berdibay, and other scientists influenced the Kazakh epic literature. Researches about “Manas”, “Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu” are in the list of world important works. And also the rest of Kazakh works are published. In all of these monograph works we can learn more about Kazakh epic literature. Malik Gabdullin defenses the candidate thesis in the theme “Kobylandy batyr” zhyryn gylymi zertteudin problemalary”. Of course, epic works which are in the universities also have an important role in Kazakh life. Works of Y.Duisenbaev “Kozy Korpew – Bayan Sulu” (1959), “Kazakh lyric-epics” (1973), “Epos and the poet” (1987) were published. The difference of Rakhmankul Berdibay’s works is that it helps for the developing of our epos. K.Sattarov defenses thde doctor thesis from the theme “Kazakh romandyk eposynyn poetikasynan” (1991).  Shakir Ybraev compares the Turkish epos with Kazakh epos in his works. And also the works of Konyratbaev, Abduov, Rakhymov are the productive ones.

In two thousands years had been appeared on the ten-volume “ History of Kazakh literature” (redaction was lead by S. Kaskabasov, 2008), in which the first volume was devoted to oral literature. Earlier edition “Histories of Kazakh literature” examined as genre of oral literature, but in new multivolume firstly was shown further of history of Kazakh folklore. At the cost were also examined epics from ages of Kazakh khanate to nowadays new Kazakh epic age in each parts.