Wang, Huansheng

Wang, Huansheng, is Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Foreign Literatures, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Born in 1939, he was educated in the Preparation Department for Students Studying in Russia and Beijing Foreign Language Institute (current name Beijing Foreign Studies University), and majored in Greco-Roman Language and Literature in Department of Languages and Literatures at Moscow University (1960-1965). Since then, he has been working on and devoting his expertise to Classical Greek Literature and Roman Literature. He is the author of Gu Luoma Wenxue Shi (The History of Ancient Rome Literature), Gu Luoma Wenyi Piping Shigang (An Outlined History of Ancient Rome Literary Criticism), and Gu Luoma Shenhua Chuanshuo (The Myth and Legend in Ancient Rome) amongst others. He is also a well-known translator of the Homeric Iliad (co-translator), Odyssey, Collection of Aeschylus’ Tragedy, Aesop's Fable, Properzio’s Libroie Antolgia Di Elegie, The Drama Selected in Ancient Rome, Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, Cicero’s De re publica, de Legibus and so on.  He won the National Outstanding Publication Award and Lu Xun Literature Prize.

Presentation topic: Imitation and Innovation: Analyzing the Figure of Aeneas between Homer and Virgil