Jiangbian Jiacuo (Vjam-dpal-rgya-mtsho)

Jiangbian Jiacuo (Vjamdpal rgyamtsho) comes from Tibetan, born in Batang County, Sichuan. Graduated from Southwest Institute for Nationalities in 1955, he is Senior Research Fellow emeritus and the former Director of Division of Tibetan Literature at Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS, as well as the former Director of the Leading Group for Epic Gesar Studies. He works primarily in Tibetan literature and epic Gesar studies. He has published many articles and essays in this filed. He is author of Gesaer Chutan (A Basic Exploration of Gesar, 1986), Gesaer De Lishi Mingyun (The Foreordination of Gesar, collected papers, 1989), Gesaer yu Zangzu Wenhua (Epic Gesar and Tibetan Culture, 1994), and Gesaer Lun (On Epic Gesar, 1999).

Presentation topic: The Tibetan Epic Master Grags-pa and the Transcribed Texts from His Performance