Wu, Xiaodong
Wu Xiaodong comes from the Miao, born in Fenghuang County, Hunan; received his M.A. in Linguistics from Central University for Nationalities in 1992.  He currently is Associate Research Fellow and Director of Division of Southern Ethnic Literature at Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS, presently majoring in Miao oral literature, verbal arts, and studies of the Shan Hai Jing.  Among his publications are articles "The Cognitive Method on Myth Studies, Pangu myth: Creation or Sanhuang’s origin?"(2006) "Panhu shenhua: Chu yu Lu-Rong de yichang zhanzheng (Panhu Myth and the War Between Ancient Chu Tribe and Lu-rong Tribe,”(2000) and “Miaojiang Yuzu hongshui shenhua: Miao-man yu Dong-yi zhanzheng de fanying (Flood Myth Transmitted in Frontier Miao Areas: as Reflection on the Fights Between Ancient Miao Tribes and East Yi Groups,” (1999). He is author of Miaozu Tuteng yu Shenhua (Miao's Totem and Myths, 2002), and his new book devoted to the Shan Hai Jing is underway.


Presentation topic: On Typical and Atypical Features of Epic Traditions in South China: An Argument on Genre