Huang, Zhongxiang

Huang is Han, born in Xuchang, Hebei Province in 1957. His research devotes to the study of the languages, literatures and cultures of the ethnic groups in North Western China, primarily to those of Kazak and Uygur ethnic peoples. He received his Ph.D. from Minzu University of China (Central University for Nationalities) in 2000; the dissertation is entitled Kazak Vocabulary and Culture. He is also the author of Chuancheng Fangshi Yu Yanchang Chuantong—Hasake Minjian Yanchang Yiren Diaocha Yanjiu (Transmission Pattern and Singing Tradition — A Research of Kazak Folk Singers, 2009).


1988-1991, Xinjiang University , graduate student.

1991-1997, Xinjiang University , associate professor, dean.

1997-2000, Central University for Nationalities, Ph.D.

2000-present, Institute of Ethnic Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS), Senior researcher.

(Aug.,2002, Academy of Russian, visiting professor)

(Aug.,2003, Academy of Hungary, visiting professor)

(Mar.-Sep.,2004, Kazakhstan Kazakh University, visiting professor)

(May.,2004, Uzbekstan University of World Economy and Diplomacy, visiting professor)

(Nov.,2007, Bonn University, visiting professor)

(Mar.-Sep.,2010, Ankara University, visiting professor)

(Jul.-Aug.,2012, Academy of Poland, visiting professor)


1.          Principal Publications:

Main Books and Book Chapters:

1)         Comparative Studies on the Kazakh Epic <Kozikorpesh and Bayansuluw> variants, Beijing: Ethnic publishing house 2012, 28+1200 pages, contents of 6 chapters, photographs, appendixes, references.

2)         Studies on the Kazakh folk singers, Beijing: Ethnic publishing house 2009, 28+519 pages, contents of 8 chapters, photographs, appendixes, references.

3)         Kazakh Epics and Grasslands Culture, Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press 2007, 21+425 pages, contents of 9 chapters, photographs, appendixes, references.

4)         Kazakh Vocabulary and Culture, Beijing: Chinese Social Science Press 2005, 17+321pages, contents of 9 chapters, photographs, references.

5)         Chinese Folklore·Xinjiang Volume , Lanzhou: Peoples’ Press of Gansu 2004, 32+377pages, contents of 11 chapters, photographs, references.

6)         Epic and Heroes·In China’s Minority Cultures, Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press 2004, 28+464 pages, contents of 10 chapters, photographs, appendixes, references.

7)         Western Communication of China·Traffic Folklore, Shijiazhuang: Youths’ Press of Hebei 2003,12+201pages, contents of 4 chapters, photographs, references.

Main Papers and Articles:

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Presentation topic: The Factors in Disappearance of Kazakh Epic Singers