Shi, Yang

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Shi Yang

Gender: Male

Birth Place: Nanjing, Jiangsu Prov.

Birthday: May, 1980

Profession: Associate Professor, PhD in Literature, Philippines Studies Section, Southeast Asian Studies Dept., School of Foreign Language, Peking University


1998 - 2011, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctor Degree, Oriental Studies Dept., School of Foreign Language, Peking University

2009 – 2010, Visiting Scholar to Harvard University, graduate School of Arts and Science, USA,

Interests & Field of research:

Folklore & Folk Literature in Southeast Asian region, especially among the Philippine ethnic groups, fieldwork in highland ethnic people Alangan-Mangyan in central Philippines


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Yang Shi is doing field study among the Alangan-Mangyan of the Philippines

Presentation topic: Chanting and Healing: Oral Tradition and Witchcraft Treatment among Alangan-Mangyan People in Philippines