Li, Lianrong (Brtson-vgrus-rgya-mtsho)

 Li Lianrong (Brtson-vgrus-rgya-mtsho) is Tibetan, born in Taergou Village, Datong County, Qinghai; Received his M.A. in Folklore at Beijing Normal University, and his Ph. D. in Tibetan Literature from The Graduate School of CASS. He is Associate Research Fellow at Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS. Having completed his doctoral dissertation “Zhongguo Gesaer Shishixue De Xingcheng Yu Fazhan 1959-1996 (On Making and Developing of Gesar Epic Studies in China: 1959-1996),” he began to develop his research on textual analysis and singers of epic Gesar. He has recently published a paper entitled “Woguo Zaoqi Gesaer shishixue De Lilun Jianshe” (Theoretical Construction on Epic Gesar Studies: China Earlier Epic Scholarship,)” in Collected Papers on Gesar Studies, vol. 5, Pp75-101. Beijing: Ethnic Publishing House, 2001)


Presentation topic: Ancestor’s Song: On Tibetan Amdo Northern Type Gesar Epic’s influence on the Bard Ngagrig