Yeghiazaryan, Azat

Personal Information:

Date of Birth 10. 04. 1943

Place of Birth Gavar, Armenia

Citizenship Republic of Armenia


1985 - Doctor of Sciences, M. Abeghayan Institute of Literature, National Academy of Sciences

1969-1972 Post graduate course, Moscow Literary Institute

1975 – Candidate of Sciences, M. Abeghyan Institute of`Literature, National Academy of Sciences

1960-1965 - Yerevan State University, Armenian Language and Literature department

Professional Experience

2012 – Director of the Institute of Humanities, Russian-Armenian /Slavick/ University

2008 to present Head of Armenian language and literature chair, Russia- Armenian (Slavic) University

1999-2008 - Director of M. Abeghyan Literature Institute,

Armenian National Academy of Sciences

1985 -2008 Head of Modern Literature Department, M. Abeghyan Literature Institute

1973-1985 Research worker, Department of Ancient and Medieval literature, M. Abeghyan Institute, Academy of Sciences

1988 to present - Professor of Literature, Gavar State University, Hrachia Acharyan University, Russia-Armenian (Slavic) University, Brusov Linguistic University

2002 Visiting professor, UCLA, University of California at Berkley, Michigan University /Ann Arbor/, Chikago University, Pensilvania University, USA, Oxford University, UK


Artistic Translation and Peoples Intimacy, Academy of Sciences publishers, Yerevan, 1977

Poet and Translation, Sovetakan Grogh publishers, Yerevan, 1979 (in Russian)

Literary Narrative: A Theoretical Review, Academy of Sciences publishers, Yerevan, 1986

The Man from Within, Sovetakan Grogh, Yerevan,

Toumanyan's Poetics and Its Popular Rooths, Sovetakan Grogh, Yerevan, 1990

Charents and History, Academy of Sciences, Yerevan, 1997

Poetics of the Epics “Sasna Tsrer” (Daredevils of Sassoun), Academy of Sciences, 1999

Armenian Literature of 20-th Century; Personalities and Problems, Academy of Sciences, 2002

Modern Armenian Literature. An Outline of History, Academy of Sciences, 2004

Nineties. Criticism and Publicism, Academy of Sciences, 2005

Organ of History. Yeghishe Charents. Tigran Mets, Yerevan, 2007

Daredevils of Sasun. Poetics of an Epic. Mazda, USA, 2008

This Skilled, Genius Man from Lory. About the works of Hovhannes Tumanyan. «Nairy», Yerevan, 2009

Six textbooks of literature for Armenian scools and other publications, more than 100 in all

Presentations at Professional Conferences

2012 – Some Peculiarities of Armenian Epic Tradition, Xinning, China

2010 – «Written life of Armenian Epic «Daredevils of Sasun», paper, presented to the second International conference, Tsakhkadzor, Armenia

2009 – The Epic of Sasun, paper, presented to the Workshop on Armenian Literature, Oxford

2006 – Eghishe Charents – a European Poet, paper, presented to the International Conference, Brno, Check Pepublic

2005 – “Development of Narrative”, paper, presented at the international conference “Innovations and Reproductions in Society and in Culture”, Vienna, Austria.

2005 – About the Category «Soviet Literature», paper, presented to the international conference «Study of the literatures and folklore of the peoples of Russia and former USSR. Theory. History. Problems of Contemporary Development», Moscow

2004 – «Some Peculiarities of the Armenian Epic «Daredevils of Sasun», paper, presented to the first international conference «The Armenian epic «Daredevils of Sasun and the world epic heritage»,

2003 – “Armenian medieval Epics”, paper, presented to the international conference “Armenian and German Medieval Literatures”, Halle- Vittenberg, Germany

2001 - “Contemporary Armenian Literature”, paper presented to the International Conference “Armenian Literature at the End of the Century”, Los-Angeles, USA

2001 – «The Epic «Daredevils of Sasun» and «Book of Lamentations» by Narekatsi», paper, presented to the conference, devoted to the 1000th anniversary of Grigor Narekatsi, Paris

1999 - “The Armenian Medieval Epics “Daredevils of Sassoun on the Bacground of World Epic Heritage ”, paper, presented to the International Conference “The Epic heritage”, Bishkek, Kirgizistan

1990 - “Genocide Motives in Modern Armenian Literature”, paper, presented to the International congress “Armenian Genocide”, Yerevan

1986 - “Armenian Folk Epic and Medieval Literature”, paper, presented to the International Congress “Armenian Medieval Literature”, Yerevan

Presentation topic: Epic and Narrative