Verdiyev, Vagif

Vagif Sultanly was born in 1958, in Kurdamir region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1981, he graduated the philological faculty of the Baku State University.

At the moment, he is a professor at the department of Modern Azerbaijan Literature of the Baku State University.

In 1995-1998 he worked as a correspondent in a literary program in American “Libertyand Free Europe” radio station’s editorial office inAzerbaijan.

He was the editor-in-chief of “Khudaferin” journal (1995-1996), which was being published in Poland  and “Araz” journal (1996-1997), which was  being published in Sweden. At the moment, he is the editor-in-chief of “The World Azerbaijanis” journal which has been published from 2002, inUSA.

He is the author of  “Burnt out stars” (1988), “The Human Sea” (1992), “Slave market”(1999), “Death dream”(2002), “Valley of futility” (2010) and other novels and stories of the books.

Along with the literary activity author was involved in the oretical-esthetic issues of the art. Examples for his literary criticism searches are  “Mammad Emin Rasulzadeh’s literary world” (1993), “Heavy road traveler” (1996), “Horizons of freedom” (1997), “Azerbaijanian Emigration literature” (1998), “Literary-theoretical illustrations” (2000), “Coast of the successful life” (2004), “Educational issues in literary criticism” (2007), “Azerbaijan literary criticism”(2012).

In addition, the author’s a large number of articles have been published in the press ofAzerbaijan,Russia,Turkeyand European countries.

The author's literary and scientific works were translated into many foreign languages.

Presentation topic: Researches on Epos in Azerbaijanian Emigration Folklore Studies