Sadalova, Tamara

Sadalova T.M. – female, Doctor of Philology, the chief specialist of the Ministry of culture of the Altai Republic in the Russian Federation. Responsible for UNESCO affairs in the region.

Supervises regional scientific expeditions on collecting folklore, ethnographic, language materials of the Turkic people of the Southern Siberia: "Altai-Western Siberia" across Altai territory, the Kemerovo region (2001), international scientific expeditions: "Altai-Orkhon" on the Turkic and Mongolian people of the Western Mongolia (2000-2002). Participated at republican, regional and international conferences, including the international seminar of the Center of the UNESCO World Heritage on trans-boundary cooperation of mountain territories in Asia that was held in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia) in 2008.

Conducts scientific research in the field of folklore of the indigenous people of Siberia, the Western Mongolia (directing еpic studies fairy tales, fables, myths and legends).During the last 5 years actively has been engaged in research works in the field of the Altaian epic legends, has been studying the reconstruction processes of forms of existtnce of the Altaian epos in modern conditions. Makes the form of the demand for a masterpiece of a non-material cultural heritage of Russia – the Altaian throat singing in volume of 150 pages.

The list of the published works

Scientific monographies:

1.The Riddle of Shunu-batyr, Gorno-Altajsk, 2006. In volume of 120 p., the research on historical and folkloristic aspects.

2. The Altaian national fairy tales in a series of «Monuments of folklore of the people of Siberia and the Far East» Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, 2002. (Volume 453 p.). Research works, texts, translations into Russian from the original.

3. The Altaian fairy tale: existence of ethnicity forms, typology of plots, poetics and textual criticism. Gorno-Altajsk, 2008. In volume of 302 pages. Complex folkloristic research on the Altaian fairy tales, epic legends and myths.

Articles on actual problems of directing the epos of Altaian, Siberin and Mongolian people:

1. New aspects in research of interactions of folklore genres (a fairy tale and the epos).//the Epos "Manas" and the epic heritage of the nations of the world. Bishkek "Kyrgystan", 1995.

2. About the facts of an existing of different forms of writing in Altay эпосе.// Natives of Siberia: a problem of disappearing languages and cultures. - Novosibirsk, 1995.

3. About an ethnocultural contact of the Altaians with the people of the Western Mongolia ( according to the results of complex expeditions to Mongolia from 2000 to 2002 on the materials of such genres as: an epos and a fairy tale).// the Environment, history and culture of the Western Mongolia and neighboring regions. - Tomsk, 2003.

4. About three-dimensional space of heroic legends in S.S.Surazakov's research works.//development of the Altaian philology. Gorno-Altaisk, Gorno-Altaisk State University, 2007.

5. On the forwarding routes of V.V. Radlov in the beginning of the XXI-st century (comparing the areals of storytelling traditions).//Materials of scientific conference with the international participation on «German researchers in Altai», devoted to the 170 anniversary of V.V.Radlo’s date of birth. Gorno-Altaisk, 2007.

6. Storytelling in the central-Asian tradition.//Materials on the V congress of ethnographers and anthropologists of Russia. - Moscow, 2003.0,1 items of l.

7. Three worlds of the storyteller.// Khan – Altai, № 1 (5). Gorno-Altaisk, the Fund of S.S. Surazakov , 1995.


Presentation topic: The Epic Heritage of the Altaian People