Orus-ool, Svetlana

Orus-ool Svetlana Mongushevna, Ph.D., Honored Scientist of Tuva, Member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, Head of Department of folklore in Tuvan Institute of Humanitarian Studies.

Orus-ool SM born May 12, 1951 in Chadaan city. Republic of Tuva. Graduated from Faculty of Philology Kyzyl State Pedagogical Institute. In 1977, she entered the graduate school of the Institute of World Literature named after Gorkyi (Moscow), successfully defended PhD thesis on "The Poetics of Tuvan heroic epic." From 1997 to 2000 she studied at the doctoral at the same institute. In 2000 under the direction of Mr. Gatsak defended her doctoral thesis "Tuvan heroic epic (textology, poetics, style)."

Since 1974 he has been working in the Tuvan Institute of Humanitarian Studies as Head of Department of folklore.

Mrs. Orus-ool has written about 200 scientific papers.

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