Harvilahti, Lauri

Lauri Harvilahti, adjunct professor (docent), director of the Folklore Archives of the Finnish Literature Society, has as a result of fieldwork carried out over twenty years become familiar with a number of traditional cultures. His theoretical interests lie with the ethnocultural processes and ethnic identity, and research on oral and literary epics, computer folkloristics, and at present especially theory and practice of archiving oral tradition. He has directed a CO-REACH project between Academy of Finland and Institute of Ethnic Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences entitled "Documentation and Archiving of Oral Tradition: Researches and Interdisciplinary Approaches" (2009 - 2011), and he is currently leading the digital archive projects of the Finnish Literature Society's Folklore Archives. He has written four monographs (in Finnish, English and Russian), a number of edited volumes and over eighty academic articles, especially in the field of oral epics. His publications in English include "The Holy Mountain. Studies on Upper Altay Oral Poetry".

Presentation topic: Textual Research and Challenges of the Digital Era