SKS and ISES will co-organize a working seminar in Helsinki

  The seminar Epics, Digital Cultural Heritage, and Vernacular Languages: Corpora and Databases in Oral Tradition Research, will be organized in Helsinki, March 1-2, 2013. This working seminar will be organized by the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) in cooperation with the International Society for Epic Studies (ISES). The seminar will focus on promoting the mutual development of applications in computer sciences, such as digital corpora and databases and other digital technologies in the field of oral tradition research. During the seminar the participants will be exploring possibilities for establishing an international www-infrastructure for oral tradition research. The planned www-infrastructure could be based on the development of a basic annotation scheme applicable to diverse oral traditions and frameworks, and adaptable to the annotation of culture-specific features of individual oral traditions and literary epics. This will provide a platform for oral tradition corpora and broader corpora of poetic traditions with an ergonomic user-interface allowing searches within an oral tradition, literary epic tradition, and across the epic and poetic traditions of multiple cultures according to a diverse range of criteria. The platform should be designed to complement and cross-reference with cultural databases, correlating features of oral poetry with diverse material related to other forms of cultural expression.

Epics, Digital Cultural Heritage and Vernacular Languages: Corpora and Databases in Oral Tradition Research
Seminar. Helsinki, March 1-2, 2013
Finnish Literature Society
Folklore Archive
Hallituskatu 1
PL 259, FI-00171 Helsinki
Friday, March 1, 2013
Oral Traditions and Digital Corpora
09.00-09.40         Reception of the participants
09.40-10.00         Opening words by Lauri Harvilahti
chair: Lauri Harvilahti
10.00-10.40         Chao Gejin (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences CASS, Beijing)
                   Epic Corpora of the Mongolian Traditions in China
10.40-11.20             Anna Dybo (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Problems of an Automatic Morphological Markup of Turkic Epic Text Corpora
11.20-12.00        Rahile Dawut (Xinjiang University, China)
Database of Uyghur Epics (Dastan) in Xinjiang, China
12.00-13.10        LUNCH
chair: Chao Gejin
13.10-13.50         Dmitrij Funk (Russian Academy of Sciences)
                   Basic Principles and Challenges of Epic Texts' Corpora (South Siberian
13.50-14.30             Yin Hubin (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing)  
The Ethnic Literature Archives of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Challenges of the Digital Realm
14.30-14.50         COFFEE BREAK
chair: Dmitrij Funk
14.50-15.30             Lauri Harvilahti and Jukka Saarinen (Finnish Literature Society)
The Finnish Literature Society's Open-access Digitized Edition of the Kalevala-Metric Poetry (SKVR)
15.30 – 16.20          Janika Oras and Mari Sarv (Estonian Literary Museum)
The Development of the Estonian Oral Folk Poetry Database (Eesti Regilaulude Andmebaas)
16.20                  Free discussion. Reception hosted by Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen
Saturday, March 2, 2013
Presentations of Technical Solutions in the Field of Digital Corpora. Plans for a Common Platform of Research on Epics.
chairs: Anna Dybo and Risto Järv
09.30-10.00         Kirill Shahovtsov: Building a "Corpus Machine" for the Corpora at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
10.00-11.00    Plans for Creating a Database of the Oral Tradition of the Institute of the
   Ethnic Literature Archives in (CASS, Beijing, China)
Guo Cuixiao: Collecting and Describing Oral Tradition in the Digital Era: Customization and Application of Discipline-based Metadata Standards
Wang Jinsong, Jiang Xia, Yang Dongxian: Audio and Video Technology Application on Oral Tradition Research
11.00-11.30         Jukka Saarinen and Sakari Katajamäki: The Digital Corpora of the SKS in the Future
11.30-12.00            Risto Järv, Janika Oras, Mari Sarv:The Challenges of Renovating the Estonian Literary Museum’s Open-Access Database of Estonian Oral Poetry
12:00 – 13:30      LUNCH
chairs: Jukka Saarinen and Rahile Dawut
13.30-14:30         Creating a National Web Infrastructure in Finland
                  Krister Lindén:FIN-CLARIN - Integrating the language resources in Finland
                                Heli Kautonen: National Digital Library, “Finna” Among Digital Research Infrastructures in Finland
Lauri Harvilahti: Towards an Infrastructure in the Field of Epic Studies
14.30-14.50        COFFEE BREAK
chairs: Anna Dybo, Chao Gejin,Lauri Harvilahti, Risto Järv
14.50-16.20             Discussion on Perspectives of Creating an International Platform for Studies in Oral Tradition
Closure, free discussion.

The seminar has been organized by the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) in cooperation with the International Society for Epic Studies (ISES), Beijing, China.  The organizers wish to thank the following partners that have enabled to cover the costs of the seminar:
Academy of Finland
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China
Kalevala Society, Helsinki, Finland
Programme: Epics, Digital Cultural Heritage and Vernacular Languages.pdf [302.17 KB]
     Keywords:Epic; Digital Cultural Heritage; Vernacular Language; Corpora; Databases; Oral Tradition;